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Making a profit with sports betting isn’t easy. If it were easy, you wouldn’t be looking for a tipster. But somehow, Markus makes it look incredibly straightforward. It’s why he’s made an enemy of the bookies – taking 25,250.00EUR from them would do that!

His focus is on form and value. By combining the two, he’s able to find bets at odds between 1.50-2.60 which go on to win 91.46% of the time.

Are you ready to profit on both the football and tennis with the help of Markus and his tips?


About Markus

Markus isn’t just an expert at one sport but has mastered both the football and tennis betting markets. It’s this lethal combination that allows him to take a whopping 870.68 € monthly profit on average from the bookies… 

The football bets keep things ticking over while the tennis bets aim to hit the bookies where it hurts – their pockets!

If your aim is to beat the bookies and you want to profit on both the football and tennis then this service is tailored with you in mind.

Ready to Hit the Bookies Where it Hurts?

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